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Shane Gall


Ash Gardner


Now here is our story. It all began 10 years ago when..

Myself Shane Gall (Gally06) and a close child hood friend of mine moved over to the Xbox 360 console for gaming. They began by playing Call Of Duty 3, we enjoyed the game so much we went out and bought Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on release day. This was the first came that brought in the “Clan Tags” feature. We didn’t have a clan but we wanted to show that we were a team so because we couldn’t think of anything to put at the time we went with the obvious DOA (Dead On Arrival) corny I know, we agreed we would change this clan tag when we could think of something better.

However before we could think of something better we met up with a few new people online, now I want you to remember at this time party chats were not a thing, so we were automatically in game chat. We had experienced a few difficult nights in terms of people in our games been, well, idiots if I am been polite. As I mentioned we met a few others online and it turns out they had experienced the same problem over the past few days. So they asked because we were decent lads and good players could they meet up with us the following night for a game, so we did, they then proceeded to ask if they could join the clan. We explained there is no clan but ye sure just to show we are a team. By this time the task of getting a better clan/team name had slipped our minds. These members continued to join us on a nightly basis and low and behold we actually became a clan.

So before I knew it I was managing a team/clan of 10 people, we then started entering gaming tournaments together to test our skills and see if we can win anything for our efforts. Some of the members that joined I am please to say are still with us today 10 years on. Once we started competing in Call Of Duty, members started to invest in other team games such as FIFA, Battlefield and a few others. We then started to compete in those games too. We actually went on to be really good and got ranked 11th in the world on Call of Duty and 3rd in the world on FIFA, this is on MLG. That expansion wasn’t enough so we then took to other games as individuals and competing under the DOA name, we headed into tournaments with Worms, Guitar Hero and many more. Again we produced success getting ranked number 1 in many of these games. It was turning out to be a really successful team to say we began by mistake really.

A few years down the line and DOA was to take yet another turn, as all our members began to gain success in their preferred genre of games, they started battling one another to see who at that time would be called King of the Clan. So we agreed to have tournaments on many different games between clan members to see who was actually the best. We arranged to play these matches and events on certain nights. Before I knew it some of our members were talking to other gamers (not a part of DOA) and telling them about these tournaments and matches and these other gamers asked if they could join without being a member of the clan. So in the interest of competition I allowed them to join. We were running tournaments on many different games such as; World Cups on FIFA, A league on Shaun White Snowboarding, A league on Trails Fusion, A snipers only tournament on Call of Duty and many more.

The one issue I had with this is that I was running all these tournaments alone and was a lot of work and at that time all the information was stored on my computer in excel files and you could guarantee after every match or week of a league every member would be asking where am I in the league now? This became highly frustrating as we were running many leagues and events at the same time, so I seemed to spend my life online telling everyone where they were in the tables. So this is the point I decided we needed a website so people could access this information without asking me all the time. So due to my inexperience at the time I built a pre-template designed website and entered the information manually on a daily basis.

DOA as were back then continued to grow in members, clan battles and in our own events, and at this stage in my life I was taking my grades to become a web developer, so I decided a new website was in order. I also promoted a few of the clan members to run some teams for me and gave them a login for the newly built site to help with the workload. So a very long ten year story short we continued to grow, continued to move with the times of technology and gaming. To which we arrived at the point of me building a full on e-sports website. So that instead of us battling on other websites such as MLG we would have clans battling on ours. This turned out to be the biggest success we could have imagined, we continued to grow ran many more events & tournaments and we then gained sponsorship from the likes of Game, Play.com and Zavvi. Due to this we started giving away prizes for our tournament winners.

So how did we become UGN and where we are now, well 2 years ago we decided to start coming away from the e-sports side of gaming (not fully but away from the clan) we are still a team to this day and we are still continue to go to war as a team, however gaming started to shift in the direction of making videos, live streaming and so on, and a lot of our members were really into that. So we had a rebrand, new colours, new direction and new goals. So we became UGN and here we are today with our current website and our new direction.

Our Goal…

Our goal here at UGN is to deliver a website and a place that has something to adhere to every type of gamer, whether you are an achievement hunter, a team gamer, a news gatherer, a streamer, a video enthusiast or simply looking for other gamers to play the same games with. We want to build that place, that’s why our website is the only one you will find everything from achievement guides, videos, news, streams, events, tournaments, leagues, clan battles and so much more.

We run a discord channel where you can get involved and join our chat server to keep up to date with everything and find like minded gamers. Join our Discord Server

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.

Thank You Message from the leader…

As leader of UGN for a little over ten years now I would like to take this opportunity to thank firstly my staff, these people have stuck around and worked through some incredibly tough times they have always done their upmost to make UGN a success, without you what we have achieved so far would not be possible. I appreciate all you do for me and UGN.

I would also like to thank the members of UGN who have also over the years have helped us reach our targets whether it be by donating funds, running my teams or organising my tournaments. These guys have been true friends and members for a long time and again I appreciate all your efforts and long may it continue.

Finally I would like to thank the members of our community who have joined in our events, tournaments and leagues over the years. Even those that are recent members joining our discord server without you guys UGN can be nothing as we need a community to enjoy what we do. So thanks to you all and if you ever want to see new features brought to the site or new events to be organised then please get in touch, all emails are directed to me personally and I will always deal with them.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting UGN Online, We appreciate every customer and all types of gamers.

Keep checking our website for all the latest in gaming news and also if you are looking to compete in gaming events, tournaments and leagues. Prizes to be won.


Thank You!