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The Platform Gap in Cities Skylines

The Platform Gap in Cities Skylines
When I picked up Cities Skylines for £30 back in August 2017, I was optimistic as to whether it would be the game for me. As of today, I currently have 185 hours on Cities Skylines, and always find myself coming back for more. However, despite enjoying the game, I am often left frustrated by the lack of content available on the console version in comparison to the PC. The game is lagging behind and it certainly demonstrates which platform is preferred by the developers. Mod variety When comparing the mod availability on console to PC, there will always be one winner, regardless of the game you are playing. However, developers such as Bethesda have proven that console mods can be incredibly detailed, almost to the same level as PC. The types of mods you can enjoy on PC, such as Tree Brush, Automatic Bulldoze and Extended Road Upgrade are ...


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