EA Release The Trailer For Battlefield V: War In The Pacific

Chapter 5 of Battlefield V, War in the Pacific, is a free update heading to the game next week on October 31st. EA’s latest trailer introduces the update: War in the Pacific brings in two new factions: the Imperial Japanese Army and the U.S. Armed Forces. EA’s site says that three classic maps are returning: Iwo Jima: “The U.S. is attacking Iwo Jima on all fronts, and in this bea...[Read More]

Two Point Hospital On Consoles Delayed Until 2020

Your going to have to reschedule that appointment. The console versions of Two Point Hospital have been delayed to the first half of 2020. They were due out late 2019. Why the delay? “Put simply: making a management simulation game on three consoles (and making it the best it possibly can be on all three), is a tricky programming puzzle,” explained developer Two Point Studios in a blog...[Read More]

Gears 5 Pumpkin Ball Halloween Event Underway

Gears 5’s own Halloween event “The Pumpkin Ball” is currently underway. The event returns from Gears 4 and brings with it all the pumpkin-headed violence you could ever want. As Halloween approaches, the dead won’t stay dead long. Play Pumpkin Ball in #Gears5 now and earn the event exclusive Frankenstein’s Imago skin by completing 13 matches in the playlist! pic.twitt...[Read More]

Cancelled COD 4 Map Could Be Making A Comeback

The elusive hill map that was cancelled for COD 4 may finally be playable in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. An image has surfaced that appears to reveal a scrapped map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare known as “Hill” will be included in the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare release. A screenshot posted by reddit user Lumenprotoplasma shows what looks like the map menu screen in Fre...[Read More]

The Sims 4 – Discover University Officially Announced

It has been rumoured for a few weeks now and yesterday we announced there was a video premiere set for 4pm GMT today and as promised it launched bang on time. It shows the different classes and jobs that you can undertake in this upcoming Sims 4 expansion, as well as showcasing some nights out with your school and university friends. A Game of juice pong anyone? The Sims 4 expansion titled “...[Read More]

First Look At Football Manger 2020 & It’s New Features

Sports Interactive has given us our biggest look yet at Football Manager 2020 with a livestream deep dive into this year’s game. The team on the stream, which included studio director Miles Jacobson, went over some of the key new features by starting a career with Championship stalwarts Brentford. You can watch it all – if you have a spare 2 hours – below. One of the key takeaways from the stream ...[Read More]

Xbox Live Now Lets You Choose Your Gamertag Even If It’s Taken

The big changes to Xbox Live gamertags announced back at E3 in June have now gone live more broadly on console, it seems. As announced previously, players on Xbox One can now choose the gamertag you want, even if it’s already taken. If you choose a gamertag that is already claimed, Xbox will auto-generate an ID suffix of numbers after an # symbol. For example, if you wanted RoyaleFan and it&...[Read More]

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