Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

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Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Achievements

There are 12 Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons achievements worth 1000 gamerscore.

Take a Break (50G)
Take a break from adventuring.
Wishing Well (50G)
Throw someone’s ball down a well.
Black Sheep (100G)
Every family’s got one.
Bunny Buddies (50G)
Make the bunnies play nice.
A Sad Tune (50G)
Make someone feel better.
Love Birds (150G)
Re-unite the two love birds.
Windpipe (100G)
Make the inventor dance.
Call of the Giants (100G)
Sound the giant horn.
Behind the Curtain (100G)
Find the secret.
Turtle Soup (150G)
Help the turtles to the sea.
Whale Song (50G)
Practise singing.
Falling Star (50G)
Make a wish.

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