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Marvel’s Avengers Delayed By Four Months

Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics has delayed its big new Marvel’s Avengers game from May until September. Previously set for 15th May, it will now arrive on 4th September. It’s a significant delay – well clear of Cyberpunk 2077 and much closer to the launch of this year’s new consoles. But it’s not a huge surprise. Out of all the big games announced last year, M...[Read More]

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Delayed Until April

Square Enix has announced that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, originally due to be released on March 3rd, is being delayed by slightly over a month. The announcement was made via Twitter, where a new release date of April 10th has been revealed. 【発売日変更のお知らせ】 3/3(火)発売を予定しておりました『FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE』ですが、4/10(金)へ発売日を変更させていただきます。 発売をお待ちいただいている皆様には大変ご迷惑をおかけいたしますことを、深くお詫び申し上げます。#FF7R[Read More]

No Microsoft Xbox Series X Exclusives Until A Year After Launch

Microsoft has no plans to release any exclusive titles for the Xbox Series X until at least a year after the console’s launch. All of Microsoft’s Series X launch titles will be playable on the Xbox One, according to Head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty. In a recent interview, Booty told MCV to expect games to be released on both Xbox One and the Xbox Series X, “As our content co...[Read More]

Doom 1 & 2 Gets Re-Released With 60fps Support

Bethesda’s sizeable Doom 1 and 2 re-release updates – which were announced at the tail-end of last year, and add the likes of 60fps support, as well as free community created add-ons – are available now on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, mobile, and PC. As Digital Foundry reported last summer, Bethesda’s recent Doom 1 and 2 re-releases had more than their fair share of teething prob...[Read More]

Apex Legends’ Next Event Adds 7 Modes & New Legendary Skins

***You will need to login at least every other day to get the most from the event*** Respawn has released a new trailer for the next event in Apex Legends, called Grand Soirée Arcade. The event begins on January 14 and will continue through to January 28. Given Season 3: Meltdown ends on February 3, Grand Soirée Arcade will likely be the final limited-time event for the season. Unlike previous eve...[Read More]

Warner Bros. Is Teasing Of A New Batman Game…

Warner Bros. is teasing the new Batman video game again, this time with another cryptic image published to social media. The WB Games Montreal Twitter page published the image, below, which shows a third of the complete image. Cape sur la nuit / Capture the Knight — WB Games Montréal (@WBGamesMTL) January 9, 2020 Another piece was published to the studio’s Facebook...[Read More]

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Playlist Update Adds Gun Game, 1v1 Gunfight & 5v5 Shipment

The latest playlist update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is now live, adding a bit more variety to one of the most popular FPS games available. Today’s playlist update is now live in #ModernWarfare! – 1v1 Gunfight (2v2 Gunfight is still available) – 5v5 Shipment 24/7 (Replaces Shoot House 24/7) – Gun Game (Replaces Grind) — Infinity Ward (@Infi...[Read More]

Marvel’s Avengers: Release Date, Gameplay Details & Much More

Marvel’s Avengers, an ambitious new third-person superhero game, is only a few months away. We’ve had quite a few trailers, reveals, and announcements, and so whilst we wait for it to release, we’ve made a roundup of everything we know so far about Marvel’s Avengers. What is Marvel’s Avengers release date? Marvel’s Avenger’s release date is scheduled for l...[Read More]

EA Release The Trailer For Battlefield V: War In The Pacific

Chapter 5 of Battlefield V, War in the Pacific, is a free update heading to the game next week on October 31st. EA’s latest trailer introduces the update: War in the Pacific brings in two new factions: the Imperial Japanese Army and the U.S. Armed Forces. EA’s site says that three classic maps are returning: Iwo Jima: “The U.S. is attacking Iwo Jima on all fronts, and in this bea...[Read More]

Two Point Hospital On Consoles Delayed Until 2020

Your going to have to reschedule that appointment. The console versions of Two Point Hospital have been delayed to the first half of 2020. They were due out late 2019. Why the delay? “Put simply: making a management simulation game on three consoles (and making it the best it possibly can be on all three), is a tricky programming puzzle,” explained developer Two Point Studios in a blog...[Read More]

Gears 5 Pumpkin Ball Halloween Event Underway

Gears 5’s own Halloween event “The Pumpkin Ball” is currently underway. The event returns from Gears 4 and brings with it all the pumpkin-headed violence you could ever want. As Halloween approaches, the dead won’t stay dead long. Play Pumpkin Ball in #Gears5 now and earn the event exclusive Frankenstein’s Imago skin by completing 13 matches in the playlist! pic.twitt...[Read More]

Cancelled COD 4 Map Could Be Making A Comeback

The elusive hill map that was cancelled for COD 4 may finally be playable in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. An image has surfaced that appears to reveal a scrapped map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare known as “Hill” will be included in the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare release. A screenshot posted by reddit user Lumenprotoplasma shows what looks like the map menu screen in Fre...[Read More]

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