EGX 2018 – UGN’s Big Day Out!

Today we visited EGX 2018 at the NEC in Birmingham, after months of waiting for the day to arrive, we finally got chance to all meet up and get stuck in to yet another year of fun that generally comes with EGX.

Myself (Ash), Gally, Jack, Nizzy, Gaz and Oli attended the event and here’s exactly what we got up to during the day.

Starting the day, myself, Jack, Nizzy and Oli arrived and went in during the Early Access hour which gave us a little extra time before the large general admission crowds entered at 11am. During this hour myself, Jack and Nizzy firstly chose a game of Destiny 2: Gambit which came with a game of the multiplayer mode as well as a generous offering of freebies after including a lanyard and a Destiny 2: Forsaken T-Shirt. Oli went off during this time and played a couple of PC games while we waited.

Following this game we decided to give PixelArk a go, this is basically the reimagining of Ark: Survival Evolved in a more child friendly approach in an almost Minecraft style. However none of us were at all impressed with this game, as the interface and menus were ridiculously confusing and hard to navigate, especially considering it’s target audience.

Following this, we went on to join the almost 90 minute queue for The Division 2, after mixed feelings from The Division, the majority of us used this opportunity to give the game a chance and see if we felt any more compelled to go out and buy The Division 2 on release. The set up for this game demo was actually quite impressive, not only was it themed well through the queue line, but the actual gaming set up was great, with some very high quality Turtle Beaches which not only drowned out the background noise but the group chat was incredibly clear. As for the game, the overall feeling after the game was that we are all a lot more interested in buying the game on release after an action packed 10 minutes full of snipers, assault rifles and battling giant juggernaut characters. A definite highlight of the event for us.

I did take the opportunity during the event to salute Cayde-6 at his memorial, may he Rest In Peace!

Next up we popped over to see VooFoo Studios, we have always been massive fans of the guys at this studio, and we absolutely had to pop over and see them with their brand new IP ‘This is Pool’. During our visit to the game we had the challenge to pot 12 balls in a row without missing in a new fun game mode, if we managed to pot the 12 in a row we’d win a This is Pool t-shirt. Gally did manage to get the 12 and so bagged himself another freebie! The guys presenting the game were great, really chatty and informative about the game, the background of the game and the studio and more, just another reason why we love them!

Now I enjoyed everything we did today, however one of my personal highlights was absolutely PokerStars VR. The opportunity to sit at a poker table in VR while playing poker with other players whilst also being able to select a variety of items and gifts which we could then use at the table made for a truly hilarious experience. Fireworks, Confetti Guns, Rubber Ducks, Cups of Tea, Footballs are just a few of the items you could select and use at the table, and being able to react with the other players with hand gestures and more made it something I’ve never experienced in gaming before and something I enjoyed almost a little too much!

Overall we had a fantastic day at the event, we got to play quick plays on a few other little games throughout the day as well as browsing and spending a lot of money on merchandise. There was a massively disappointing lack of Xbox being present at the event, with them only being there in support of a range of games such as The Division 2, Assassin’s Creed Origins and so on. However, with Xbox’s acquisition of so many new studios this year, who knows maybe they will turn up in full force next year and smash it!
We really enjoyed the day today and no doubt have plans to return to the event in 2019, below are a few more photos from the day!

Written by: SimplyAsh

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