Leaked Video gives insight in to New Xbox Avatars!

Let’s take a trip back down memory lane, to the good old Xbox 360 days, chances are you spent a ridiculous amount of time and money tending to your Xbox Live Avatar, a miniature animated version of yourself for all of your Xbox Live Friends to see.

Well, they haven’t really had any form of impact on Xbox One yet, whilst you can still access your avatar and customise them, there really isn’t any use for them whatsoever, however, if this leaked video has anything to go by, the new look Xbox Avatars which we’ve known about now for quite some time, may almost be ready to be unleashed.

Whilst the new avatars have yet to be given an official release date, we do know that they come with an absolute tonne of new customisation options, being able to change their features in a lot of different ways including having bionic arms, disabled avatars with their own wheelchairs and even the ability to mix and match clothing across both genders, allowing for a much more diverse Avatar to suit everyone.

Unfortunately, it does appear that all previous Avatar items will be lost with the release of the new avatars, so that’s goodbye to my Red Power Ranger outfit and Woody Doll from Toy Story! But with the new looks and the new range of customisation options, it’s a safe bet these Avatars will come with their own impressive range of wardrobe choices as well as no doubt purchases from the store.

Written by: SimplyAsh

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