Lego The Incredibles Offers First Look At The Parr Family In Action

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has unwrapped the official debut gameplay trailer for Lego The Incredibles, offering fans of the Pixar franchise their first glimpse at its superhero-studded cast in action.

Each member of the heroic foursome come packing their own unique powers to rough up the bad guys with throughout their latest adventure. Mr. Incredible puts his buff physique to work with superhuman strength, Violet throws up a¬†powerful barrier, Dash wields a super-fast attack as you’d expect, while Jack-Jack’s powers are simply labelled as ‘unpredictable.’


Lego The Incredibles is pencilled in for release on PlayStation 4, PC, Switch, and Xbox One in the US on June 15 and in the UK on July 13, putting it out around the same time as The Incredibles 2 movie.

Written by: Gally06

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