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New Legendary Bounty In Red Dead Online

new legendary bounty red dead online

Legendary Bounties were added to Red Dead Online last month as part of the Frontier Pursuits update. This week, a new bounty target by the name of Sergio Vincenza — a legendary sharpshooter — is wanted dead or alive.

Sergio Vincenza is an anarchist agitator and former military sharpshooter. He defected from the military and has been on the run since. Vincenza’s accuracy with a rifle has passed into the stuff of legends. The glint of sunshine reflecting off his scope is described as a grim harbinger and an omen of death. He has previously tried to assassinate the governor of Saint Denis and has several highly-trained ex-military men at his side.

Those playing as a Bounty Hunter in Red Dead Online can find his wanted poster at any sheriff’s office.

If you’re playing as a Collector, Madam Nazar is after the Naturalists Collection which consists of the Cherrywood Comb, Egret Egg and Bitterweed. Collect them and drop them off to her for a generous payout.

If you’re a Twitch Prime subscriber, you can link your Rockstar Social Club Account to obtain the Bounty Hunter’s License for free.

red dead online halloween

To celebrate Halloween, Rockstar is giving away this creepy cosmetic mask. All you have to do is log in to GTA Online between October 10th and December 12th. You’ll then find the Slaughter Mask in your Camp’s wardrobe within 24 hours of logging into Red Dead Online.

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