Warner Bros. Is Teasing Of A New Batman Game…

Batman the telltale series banner

Warner Bros. is teasing the new Batman video game again, this time with another cryptic image published to social media.

The WB Games Montreal Twitter page published the image, below, which shows a third of the complete image.

Another piece was published to the studio’s Facebook page.

new batman game 2020

And a third on Instagram:

new batman game

Should you put all 3 images together, you are left with a little something like this:

batman game 2020

The image doesn’t tell us much (it looks a bit like the Gotham City Police Department crest), but it does serve as a reminder that WB Games Montreal, the developer behind Arkham Oranges, is developing the next Batman game.

This follows a previous tease from Warner Bros. Montreal in September 2019, which carried the same tagline: “Cape sur la nuit / Capture the Knight.”

The current speculation is we’re looking at a game based on a mysterious organisation called the Court of Owls.

Now if your are a Superhero and DC nerd such as myself you will know that ‘The Court of the Owls’ has appeared many times in Batman comics, cartoons and more. The Court of the Owls is a criminal organisation that kidnaps children circus performers and trains them as assassins better known as “Talons”. They have existed secretly in Gotham since colonial times. So this could make for an interesting and some what freaky new Batman game.

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