Skate 4 to be released in 2018?

Let’s be completely and utterly 100% honest here… Whether you’ve spent the entirety of your teenage years on the half pipes or never once stepped foot on a skateboard, the chances are you’ve absolutely played a skateboarding game in your gaming life. Whether it was one of the classic Tony Hawk titles or one of the more recently popular Skate titles, it’s hard to find many gamers who have never created a virtual skateboard persona of themselves.

Over the last 2 or 3 years, rumours have come and gone at least a dozen times suggesting Skate 4 was happening and was definitely releasing some time soon, well… The rumours are hotting up once again and this time it comes with a little more fuel for the fire, in the form of a Swedish Retail Website listing Skate 4 with a questionable game cover art image which could indeed prove to be authentic.

If this does indeed turn out to be some form of authentic leak of information, we could well be looking at an official reveal, trailer or form of confirmation coming from the developers in the not too distant future, plus with E3 on the horizon, who knows what epic game reveals we’ve got coming our was very soon!

Written by: SimplyAsh

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