The Platform Gap in Cities Skylines

When I picked up Cities Skylines for £30 back in August 2017, I was optimistic as to whether it would be the game for me. As of today, I currently have 185 hours on Cities Skylines, and always find myself coming back for more.
However, despite enjoying the game, I am often left frustrated by the lack of content available on the console version in comparison to the PC. The game is lagging behind and it certainly demonstrates which platform is preferred by the developers.

Mod variety
When comparing the mod availability on console to PC, there will always be one winner, regardless of the game you are playing. However, developers such as Bethesda have proven that console mods can be incredibly detailed, almost to the same level as PC. The types of mods you can enjoy on PC, such as Tree Brush, Automatic Bulldoze and Extended Road Upgrade are simple and would more than be compatible on console editions, yet the only mods available on console are different designs for buildings, vehicles and parks. It would be a welcome change to see better mods available to console players.

The number of maps available in the base game for Cities Skylines is the same across all platforms. Players can choose from 12 base maps to build their cities, however, PC players are available to download hundreds of maps online. It would be incredible if console players could download maps created by other players, as you can in Prison Architect, for example.
I bought Cities Skylines Standard Edition for £30 in August 2017, and as of today it still sits on the Xbox Store for £31.99. Whilst this isn’t exactly a bad price for a game with a lot of substance, it is available for £5.99 on and £9.99 on for the standard edition of the game. This may not have anything to do with the developers but more with Microsoft, yet it still shows the incredible gap between the console edition and PC edition.

Season Pass and DLC
The season pass for Cities Skylines is available for £28.79 on the Xbox Store, but is not available on PC. DLC’s are far cheaper on PC than console, with each costing around £6 on PC compared to £10 on console. Should you not want to pay for the base game and season pass separately, the deluxe edition stands at £39.99 on console stores, compared to the £11.99 price tag available to PC players. Again, this may be more on Microsoft’s shoulders than the actual developers’, but it is still a travesty to charge console players far more for the same, if not less, as all DLC is released first on PC.

Cities: Skylines Screenshot

Written by: 458Matt

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